Friday, March 12, 2010

How to Get Buy-in for Change


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  2. This is my story: I was at the gym today and they had a crew of workers fixing something up high (about 16 feet). One guy was on a mini lift, he could not fall out of it. The other two were on 12 foot ladders. One guy on a ladder, who looked like the supervisor to me, was standing on the top stair. No one was saying anything. I went over and said to him "hey, you are on the top of that ladder and I would hate to see you fall". He said "Thanks for your concern". His workers looked surprised, and they all went back to what they were doing. He did not get off the top of the ladder. If he had taken a spill he would have fallen 12 feet into a rack of weights. I know of folks being killed from falls of less height.

  3. Do we go far enough?
    As a Safety professional I often ask myself. How far do I pursue this, when faced with the same type of situation?

    To answer that question we can ask another question. What if the worst case scenario plays out right in front of us?
    What if the guy (a father, brother, friend to someone) falls off? It puts it into perspective and it urges us to pursue the matter a bit further. Let's say it "ramps up" our moral obligation to ask the worker the next question.... "If you were to pick the 5 things in life that really matter to you, would any of them suffer if you were seriously injured or killed becuause you fell off that ladder"?

    It's a seed we can plant that will help him think twice, and hopefully pass on to his fellow workers, or brothers, or kids, or spouse or neighbour, or................


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