Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Garnering Internal Support: Tip #9

Aside from the CEO, the management team doesn’t really seem to “get it” either. Suggestions?
Stay focused on the areas that you can control. And keep reminding yourself (and others) that your role is to marshal an effective plan to elevate risk awareness and impact behaviors in order to eliminate safety incidents. It's non-negotiable. If the person who oversees operations can't quite figure out why his visible support is necessary, he will. He can't do his job to the fullest without everyone else on board and neither can you. If you haven't already made your case for why a strong safety culture ensures an environment where people do the right thing simply because it’s the right thing to do 9whether it's for incident prevention or quality control), it's time. And if you’re still getting resistance (or being ignored), ask yourself if you're doing everything possible to improve the Near Miss System . . . or, just as good, take on your Supervisor Training to spawn the culture-savvy supervisors -- create an army of supervisors who get it. The point is that you may have to start with a small ripple, but -- no matter where you start -- overcoming the status quo requires heavy lifting.

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