Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Garnering Internal Support: Tip #11

So, what's your advice for implementing culture change without full management support?
Without upper-management support early in the process, your changes aren’t going to be the unilateral "campaign" variety. You first need to find early adopters or opinion leaders among senior management who are on your side. You have to be proactive and get a champion that will allow you to pilot different models and different ways of implementing training. In a sense, you’re planting the seeds of a revolution. Focus on the areas that are within your control. For safety managers, it’s training. Focus on the right training and do it well. Knowledge is power. Greater understanding leads to more thinking, which fosters new ideas. Before you know it, you’ll have champions at the supervisor level who will be further along to spread the word about the real meaning of leadership: that is, we can all be our CEOs of safety. And, yes, modeling the right behaviors includes a free pass to speak up, call a person out, regardless of how high the perpetrator sits on the org chart.

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