Thursday, June 4, 2009

Garnering Internal Support: Tip #10

What's the best approach for safety-improvement tactics?
Borrow the Business 101 playbook. For garnering support from upper management, the safety department can make a presentation about the “high cost of mediocre safety.” Call it HCMS if you like, but the point is to demonstrate to upper management the full implications of weak safety, which touches everything and everyone. That said, don't stop letting your handpicked champions know that not all initiatives depend on the resources and support approved by management. Identify a "champion" (or more than one): Enlist leaders in the organization with the will, courage, and ability to effect change. These leaders should not get discouraged easily, should have the respect and attention of company managers, and relate well to your mission. If you identify more than one champion, you may want to assign each one a best practice to support. Or you can ask them to support specific tasks, such as use-case-based requirements gathering, which demands collaboration.

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