Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CoreMedia ZIP™ Process

When it comes to describing the depth and breadth of our consulting services and the CoreMedia ZIP Process, our website is a little behind the times. Not to make excuses, but the biggest reason is that our online presence is managed and maintained by the same internal team that supports CoreMedia clients with instructional materials and communications. On one hand, we take pride in being able to deliver resources on the fly. On the other, our clients always come first. Therefore: what you see on our public site often fails to get the attention it deserves. No excuses, of course. I'm just sayin' . . .

I'm also loathe to draw any more attention to the website's "maintenance issue" than I already have, but here it goes anyway: I have this compelling need to describe the CoreMedia ZIP Process, which has emerged as an entirely solid formula to help companies transform their cultures and attain sustainable safety excellence. Even though the ZIP Process has been used by some amazing companies such as Knife River, HOLT CAT, ATCO Electric, Wagner Equipment, Dresser Industries, and a few more, I suspect too few people outside our immediate community know how simple and effective it is. So, I give you an abridged -- or blog-appropriate -- description of the CoreMedia ZIP Process.
ZIP is Zero-Incident Performance
If you’re familiar with the maxim about teaching a person to fish in order to eat for a lifetime, you’ll have no trouble understanding how the CoreMedia ZIP Process is helping a growing number of companies establish cultures of sustainable safety excellence.

It pretty much works like this: you supply the people and CoreMedia helps facilitate the dissatisfaction with the status quo. As soon as leaders throughout the organization begin to recognize and believe why working safely is no less important than meeting production goals, the ZIP Process helps shape a strategy and tap into your most powerful catalyst of all: involvement.

The Five Steps to Implement Change
1. Engage Leadership
2. Assess the Culture
3. Build the Plan
4. Implement the Plan
5. Check the Process

Meanwhile, CoreMedia supports every phase of the process and every activity -- your Culture Change Initiative -- along the way. Need newsletter content? No problem. Want a custom communications campaign with posters and events? Simple. CoreMedia is ready to assist rolling out your campaign with media and messaging to heighten awareness, set expectations, and celebrate the wins.

Once the strategy is cast and milestones are determined, your internally-led teams can choose between accelerated hyper-focused Kaizen events or periodic coaching throughout the year. What’s certain is that you’ll be fully equipped to connect your vision with persistent, measurable outcomes . . . for sustainable safety excellence.
There you have it: The CoreMedia ZIP Process -- hugely impactful since 2007, more visible on our website soon.

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