Friday, May 29, 2009

Knife River sets precedent for industry

The aggregate industry has experienced a significant reduction in injuries and incidents. This article explains how these next two years -- if current trends hold -- will go down as the safest yet for aggregate-materials companies.

Keep reading and you'll see why the report highlights CoreMedia client Zach Knoop of Knife River. Here's an excerpt:
Zach Knoop is safety director for Knife River in Bismarck, N.D. That company recently celebrated its 10th anniversary of no reportable MSHA violations. “We began looking at culture several years ago, and within the past two years, our emphasis is much more on that than on conditions and traditional safety management,” Knoop says. In 2007, Knife River conducted a company-wide employee safety perception survey. The survey results allowed Knife River to determine strengths and weaknesses, and provided the company with a baseline.

“From that, we developed a Continuous Improvement Safety Process,” Knoop says. “This process involves our employees in coming up with solutions to the weaknesses. In 2008, we had more than 25 cross-functional (aggregates, construction, trucking, etc.) teams tackling various safety deficiencies.”

The teams have the support of management to develop and implement solutions. CoreMedia, consultants out of Portland, Ore., has assisted Knife River in implementing its new safety processes.

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