Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CSU is the real deal

CSU™ is CoreMedia Supervisor University. It's the brainchild of a handful of clients who share a concern with their ability to efficiently and effectively ply employees with key leadership skills. In other words, good supervisors are hard to come by; newbie (or veteran) supervisors too often need a lot of help in the areas of how best to oversee employees ... that is, an understanding of interpersonal communication, recognition, motivation, discipline, and modeling the right behaviors. It's impossible to take these so-called soft skills for granted. So important in the context of safety, yet not easy to teach. The refrain we've been hearing is this:

It would be extremely helpful to have an instructional tool that is self-paced, relevant, and demonstrates how and why supervisors need to be less concerned about safety outcomes and more excited about being effective leaders and mentors. What if there was a portable instruction mechanism that explains how to lead by example, elicit involvement, encourage commitment, get people to speak up and listen up . . . for safety?

That's the catalyst behind CSU. To my knowledge, CSU is the singular self-directed safety-culture online curricula for personnel who need to understand the principles and strategies of effective safety leadership (which, by the way, includes the kind of thinking that fuels a sustainable culture of safety excellence). The course curricula isn't just for supervisors, either. Because overcoming complacency and heightened risk awareness is a responsibility of everyone, the CSU content works for people at all levels and disciplines and specialties.

To be sure, there's nothing ordinary about the experience of a CSU course. Rich with detail, the combination of interface and voice-over narration delivers in a way that's compelling and engaging -- never boring. If this post sounds like a shameless plug, my bad. It's just that I'm excited to say it holds great promise in helping supervisors help themselves.

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